How Can I Control Weeds and Disease in My Centipede Grass Lawn in South Carolina?

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As the sod and grass authority, located in Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston, South Carolina, Sodbusters know that centipede grass is one of the ideal grasses for South Carolina lawns. Centipede grass is famous for its heat tolerance and notably low maintenance requirements. It is a favorite of South Carolina homeowners interested in minimal upkeep [...]

How Can I Avoid Winter Browning of St. Augustine Grass in South Carolina?

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As the foremost authority in

Are There Edible Weeds in South Carolina?

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Sodbusters, the grass and sod experts, located in Charleston, South Carolina, find that our clients are often surprised that several common weed types are edible. Those annoying weeds that invade your lush, green grass are actually valuable foods that are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and protein and sometimes even more nutritious than those found at the [...]

Why is Saint Augustine Grass So Popular in South Carolina?

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As experts in sod and grass, Sodbusters, located in Charleston, South Carolina, knows that Saint Augustine grass is a favorite among homeowners throughout the state. St. Augustine grass grows in full sun but is a very shade and salt tolerant grass. It spreads quickly, with surface runners that form roots at the joint and the [...]

What are the Pros and Cons of Zoysia Grass in South Carolina?

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The experts at Sodbusters located in Charleston, South Carolina, know how zoysia grass seed grows beautiful lawns with the thick cushiony feel of lush carpet. There is a great demand for zoysia grass in South Carolina because it is nearly maintenance free. Zoysia is a warm-season grass that can be grown further north than many of [...]

Installation Tips for Grass Sod in South Carolina

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As Charleston, South Carolina’s leading sod sales and installation company, Sodbusters knows the importance of good grass sod and how it can enhance a landscape. Planting grass seed is cheaper but for certain hybrid grass varieties, sod may be your only option. Grass sod can turn your lawn into a bed of green dense grass [...]

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